"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

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“Were You There…?”

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Happy Easter to all.

I Find All This Extemporaneously

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If I took the time to think about it, “It” would pass me by.  For “It” finds me before I even sought to look.

The Word, are Seeds

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The Word, are seeds and our bodies are the soil.  How we treat our bodies and the bodies of others, with respect, discipline and value in the gifts of our body, will exercise our ability to distinguish weeds posing as flowers.



Water: It exists in a Triad state, solid, liquid and vapor and remains unchanged.  The symbol of our spiriteaux we know its mystery presence is real from the evidence within our eyes.

Martes de Carnaval


What mystery can you hide when the eyes give away the lie….

The Hideaway


The mask that owns us, indulges and conceals.

Aphorism #2: Kotodama: Word Spirits. 言霊

Q: Why exercise the desire to be a Lover of Words and not simply declare the desire to be a Lover of God, through Our Lord Jesus Christ?

A: A person who exercises the desire to be a Lover of Words IS already a Lover of God, and Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Only that, a Lover of Words is aware that words are perhaps the quintessential medium that we, in our earthly existence, can feasibly use to receive, give, and know love; the love that is God.  Words are the only collectively, universal medium that is used daily in all of human life, and our basic survival depends on the exchange of words.  The acquisition of food, shelter, and protection is through the basic communication which also is the means of entertainment, pleasures and the pathogens of our miseries.  And despite different languages, there is one shared universal truth; that the individual regard for the words we think, speak, and write has a profound effect on life as whole; on self, society and humanity.  Our regard for the choice words, forming choice combinations to evoke meaning, agere sequitur esse [“action follows being”] actively defines every aspect of our personal, social and collectively human identity.  Every word we select affects our behavior, helps identify identity, and with or without our conscious compliance, are unapologetically the direct link to our souls.  A Lover of Words choses to begin to be consciously aware of their own intent, meaning and the consequence of their words through the living example of Our Lord Jesus Christ who can be understood as the very first Lover of God’s Word.

To be continued…SONY DSC