"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

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The Stories Within The

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A Student Vow

Porto Bella, Church of the Black Christ

“Ambient graves are the seeds of life,

For through the Lord,

Music is the tangible longing…”

Poe-Deo: A Student Vow, https://youtu.be/T1ofiZu_Zrc


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“To turn poetic was a rare instance for him.  The garnishes of poetry were never enough to evade the unbearable truths in life and he knew that was the key of his poetry…because the moments when he though of letting her go, one of those demons sported with his inability to do so.”  Excerpt from THE, by Lisa Ann DeNunzio-Gomes.

Literary Video: Book 1 THE, The Curious Minions, https://youtu.be/f5VrgElmyww

Where was this day, Yesterday?

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Conviction of the mind says, fire burns.

Conviction of the heart, says fire is a passion.

Conviction of the soul says, though fire burns, the Children of God will know a passion that does not consume and shines a light that cannot reveal mystery because it shines from a light of its own making.

The Difference

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“For, looking uses only the eyes, And seeing includes a pure heart that looking has deceived.” https://youtu.be/rqPidJVmCVs

Reflections on Valentines Day

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If I called every jewel I see a “diamond,” then I would diminish the unique circumstances that fashioned each stone with a providential specialness of its own. Diamonds are not necessarily more special than any other stone but in nature a diamond is stronger, has more clarity and is timeless when compared to sapphires, rubies and emeralds. All jewels are precious in their own way. But the way a diamond is special is, it is so strong it can break all other stones but itself. Also, it unifies all colors onto one luster that magically it can shine with a light of its own. And diamonds are an extremely rare find. In the search for a diamond we may collect a greater volume of sapphires, rubies and emeralds, before actually finding one diamond. Buried in the deepest and densest sections of the earth, the location of diamonds is purposely hidden so that in the journey a bond, as strong as a diamond itself, can be formed. This bond reveals that such a treasure, once it is found, will never be casually tossed away because the hardships involved in the journey emphatically proves that such a jewel is a sacred gift and therefore is unforgettable and unbreakable.
Love is when our hearts become like that diamond. Love is not a more special feeling then ‘liking’ someone with the bonds of friendship, affection or loyalty. But when love is experienced we know something that is stronger than emotion. It provides an uplifting clarity through a light that shine of its own and frees us from the hardships of our reality with a life affirming values which, therefore can never fade. All emotions should be considered precious in their own way but friendship, affection and loyalty will fade without love, which is an extremely rare find. In the search for love we will encounter friendships, affection and loyalty more frequently than we encounter one love. Buried in deepest and densest sections of the human heart, the recognition of love is so slim that once it is found it would never be thrown away because the hardships involved in possessing it emphatically proves that love is a sacred gift and therefore unforgettable and unbreakable.
So long as the word “love” is used to define every pleasurable emotion, friendship, affection and loyalty will be giving a lower opinion and the sacredness of love is diminished to something so commonplace it is disposable and we will continue to miss out on the fortifying strength, the mysterious clarity and magical timelessness of love.


I See Winter Fall Like Orchard Pearls

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We all have 3 seconds,

To make the entire sonnet count.

To summon spectators,

Who begin with seeds of doubt.


What can be amplified?

What can join the fray?

A gander at the Gambler,

Incited to play.


The fulfillment to a lifetime of longing,

Is to stand at that Triade source and see,

Oh, that is why,

I was delayed in that storm,

And why the dream took,

So long.

Why the basil dried,

And the movie sold out.

Why I spoke so poorly,

And my child’s lips formed a perfect pout.

It is why my button came undone,

And the reason incense,

Reminds me of something long gone.

Why the stain did not wash clean,

And the glass left a splinter, unseen.

The reason it was not a good sail day,

Why the feathers turned to clay,

And I lost self, along the way.


You were looking out for me,

In ways invisible to a passing glance,

So I would be amazed see, that collectively,

Guidance was provided in that 3 second chance.