"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

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The Stories Within The

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The Task Manager


I stood in cue before a counter jeweled with pastry and incensed with coffee.  I was followed by a family of three, and to my own perception, the infant and toddler seemed quiet and without misbehavior. But suddenly they departed, before even my own turn. The child cried, denied a selection of sweetness. The hurt she experience somehow reached me as if the sadness was personal to me. Not just about being denied a pleasure but an anguish of seeing a joy and not understanding why the chance to taste was taken. Maybe a repressed memory, but also there was a feel, that in this simple act, something hurt us all.

Treasure Store*

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The power and magic of a secret is only active when……




*Photo of “The China Exhibit: Through the Looking Glass”, “The Bamboo Gardens” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2015.


If the truth hurts then…


Words can nourish the body, fortify emotion and free the soul if they are one with the truth and the central premise to truth is that which contributes to the sustainability of life.  

I know there are people who boast that “the truth hurts,” believing that the hurt is evidence of truth, but the hurt is only evidence of “A” truth.  The only reason “A” truth hurts is because a partial truth is used to contradict another partial truth.  Partial truths benefit one person who will aggressively sew doubt with the desire to obtain worship with intimidation and to enslave; and thus a hurt.  “The” Truth are words that nourishes the body, beautifies the mind, and sets the soul free and does this simultaneously with a will to benefit all, not just self. 

There is no coincidence that truth can be analogous with ‘the fruit of the vine’ because a good fruit provides nourishment to the body, its sweetness bring joy and with a little passion and heat can give us a glimpse of the spirit within that is free.  If a statement is known as true but hurts and brings resentment, then it is a partial truth.  But if a statement nourishes as it brings joy and helps us understand our spiritual life, simultaneously, then that is The Truth.



The Difference

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“For, looking uses only the eyes, And seeing includes a pure heart that looking has deceived.” https://youtu.be/rqPidJVmCVs

Worth Repeating

For, Love is the closest a human being can experience the beauty, truth and adoration within the mystery of God, and still live to tell about it.*

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*In regards to Literary Video, ‘The Knoll of Souls.’

Poe-Deo: The Difference