"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo


The Stories Within The

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Pretty Things

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Is it the color or the light?

Is it the soft or gentle?

Is it inward or outward?

All the pretty things, are unfadable, untouchable and transcendent.

“Were You There…?”

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Happy Easter to all.

Heartfelt Treasures

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Heartfelt treasures cannot be stored in parchment or jade, they are more resilient than the most luminous mineral and more timeless than words could ever maintain. But who am I to complain? For there seems nothing more romantic than a weathered book, scorched by the hands of time or anything more transcendent then a string of jade.


Budding Peony’s

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The Hideaway


The mask that owns us, indulges and conceals.

Welcome to a Dream


I found welcome to a dream that I had this fish; it was beautiful in the way that I knew I loved and cherished it.  Its blue iridescence was my pride and joy that I kept it close to me, protection of utmost.  Waves thundered against rocks and I promised, “I will not  let anything hurt you.”  I road the current to carry us thorough but on the shore soul-less flesh eaters surrounded us.  My promise, I could only keep it, if I ended this precious life myself and to make it quick, for they are upon us.  I woke unable to honor such a promise in my dream, returning with the memory of an excruciating choice, as if it is a memory and not a dream.  The trouble real, the promise unfulfilled and the welcome to a dream hunting for a source.