"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

An Informal Spherical Object

20150719_090720 bnc hue

The regard for a promise does not necessarily measure the worthiness of the receiver but, ultimately, reveals the depth within the heart of the giver as true or false. No matter the worthiness of the receiver there can be no excuse to disregard a promise as being effortless words that are not binding. Whenever we say “I promise” it places trust in sharp focus and should not be said complacently. This is not to argue we should keep a promise to someone who becomes abusive because in the abuse, verbal or physical, is the derivative that states that trust was fabricated. Therefore the promise was given under false pretenses which means the binding attribute is unsubstantiated by anything real, where “realness” is given evidence only in a good.

But it is important to keep each and every promise or make no promise at all because a broken promise does not harm the receiver as much as a harm befalls the giver. Promises invite a unique intimacy between two and in disrespecting one promise it risks contaminating every promise because the promise given today is only as credible as the promises fulfilled yesterday which are eternally linked to the promises within future. This link is fortified by the knowledge that despite the promises others have broken to us, this is not an excuse to break the promises we have made. That a promise fulfilled does not necessarily offer as much benefit to the receiver, as an unfulfilled promise can affect the giver with a diminished capacity to experience the euphoric intimacy we all deserve to discover with loving trust based on mutual respect.

This intimacy is derived from acknowledging the embodiment of the living Word presiding in each and every word; the mysterious source which substantiates every word with life affirming values. That a word without meaning to compel a good is like wine without spirit, bread without yeast, and good food without a pinch of salt to savor the wonder of life.

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