"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

A Student Vow

If God is not recognized as the only source of love then there is nothing special about the word “love.” Empty of substance, it is only a word that describes an intense physical pleasure which is not the same mystery of love. Mystery is not infused into this, or any other, word by human beings and what has made love difficult to recognize is the overuse of this word. Used to describe immediate pleasure, derived from a physical object, the word “love” has lost strength of meaning because it no longer refers to anything more than a favorite ice cream or hot looking car. The fact is, love is not necessarily identified within the physical realm, though the physical realm is our only, current reality. But, each time the word “love” is used in the context of pleasure, derived from a physical object, a person continues to increase the distance from ever knowing the true, real mystery of love. This complacent use enables a cycle of apply the word “love” to behaviors of earthly lusts which yields disillusionment. The word “love” should not be used complacently, it should be used mindfully. If is not used mindfully then it is not “love,” because if it spoken with an unconscious habit then it is given the limitations of surface values, and then that is the empty, dissatisfaction that will be received.
The word “love” should be reserved for the rare instance of knowing intimate joy; a joy that originates from within and relates a ‘knowing’ that is not part of this world. This ‘knowing’ is akin to feeling our hearts glow from something unseen; thereby a mystery. More so, love is so precious that this glow is possible even in the midst of suffering. Pain can reveal instances of profound meaning which is undeniable, unforgettable and permanent. This should not be misconstrued with the ascetic indignities of self-ingratiating, self-mutilation which only implies disrespect to the body, mind and soul. Rather, love can only be recognizable through respect and human dignity afforded in compassion, and that through Our Lord Jesus Christ a strange conviction of faith can alight. Made strange from the contrary notion of knowing something unseen, this joy radiates limitless freedom and astounding beauty that never gets boring. It is this boredom, the devils advocate, that has romanticized love as encouraging impulsive acts that lead to regrets, shame or resentment and though any author can rewrite human behavior to suit the needs of a plotline, in the real world such fabrications only lead to an indescribable anguish because the definition of important words have been altered to human proportions alone.
Love can be received and given by humans but ultimately it is a gift, not derived from this reality. Love reveals an inexhaustible depth which burns within with a perpetual light but does not consume, and in fact nourishes the soul with a source that cannot be identified in mere imaginary, earthly terms. In the evidence that this word is overused on a daily bases, reveals that everyone wants to know and experience the mystery, healing and adoration of love. But none of the attributes will arise if love is only identified in finite, illusionary and man-made things. One way to begin to find this mystery is to vow to reserve the use of this word for only the Lord because only God is the source of love. Then, in striving to keep this vow, can love be recognized within self, towards each other, and humanity.

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  1. Thank you for the “Like.”


    May 27, 2015 at 1:00 pm

  2. I like the message found in your words…God bless!


    June 7, 2015 at 7:51 pm

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