"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

Literary Video: “Expected”, Regarding Elements of Body.

Please be aware of this gentle warning, this Literary Video has sensitive content. However, I assure my followers that the nature of this scene from my second book, “Expected,” has a purpose beyond any type of sensationalism or mere titillation.

This video reveals a deeply intimate moment between my two main characters, and the purpose for such a ‘perceptum’ is to reveal the respect, trust and adoration, that is only love. Without these parts, the word love is used falsely and only causes anguish. For the sake of drama, popular fiction has removed respect, trust and adoration, and sells this false perception of love as normal. Though this perception maybe normal of life, it does not remotely portray love. I wish to restores a true perceptum because I believe every person on this planet is deserving of the wonder, healing and true mystery of love. And, I believe, the root of the atrocities that humanity is capable of, is mainly due to a depravation of love. Such atrocities stand as the example of the effects of these false images which causes a self-perpetuating cycle of rage. That when someone treats another with disrespect, passive aggressive manipulations of emotional blackmail and violence, and then shades over their cruelty by calling this behavior love, they cause such senseless anguish in another that can only rage, because in reality these falsifiers only use the word love to justify there own selfish lusts. Remember, the devil can quote scripture.

Love is only “love” when God is recognized as the source and this video attempts to reveal a contrast to these false images of love which have invaded the beauty and euphony of human sexuality. In this domain, two extremes have dominated fiction and essentially enable each other. The use of the ‘fade to black’ states there is something to be ashamed of in sexuality. However, it is because of the crudity in popular fiction that has made sexuality shameful, as if only violence and cruelty can show passion. Alternately, the closed-door context that piety suggests of sexuality, actually motivates writers to show there nothing to be ashamed of in sexuality; if given respect, trust and adoration.

In “The Art of perceptum,” I have attempted to delicately show the intimacy of two lovers by using the narrow gate of perceptum. Through the narrow gate is the attempt to acknowledge the realities of human behavior while at the same time show that sexuality can be written in fiction with respect, trust and adoration so as to offer a truth about love. Furthermore, it is not an attempt to label sexual indiscretion as innately evil, but simply to clarify that such indiscretion, while a reality, is not love and to call it love only distances the heart from ever knowing the wonder, healing and mystery of love.

Thank you for your time. Word Lover.

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