"Because you can be sure, my dear Crito, that misuse of words is not only troublesome in itself, but actually has a bad effect on the soul." Phaedo

Snow over Segovia

Snow over Segovia 

I would like to blame loudness,

For the shattering sky.

Where every disease is a trophy,

All terrorism, limited to perfunctory flesh.

Beheaded, in honor of inhuman regard,

True shrift made loud,

Picks away at the same unholy scab,

Unable to exceed the office,

Of even one icy lachrymose.

Anticipation, the same as before;

Injurious smelt membranes,

Of, nothing really new.

Until the scandal vents a good,

Conjuring a most formidable target.

That when the blue Angelis can spit only flowers,

Would he stop for stopping sake?

No, such convinces lap against

The rusty shores of risky delights.

Apart and a part of unapologetic nature.

But, the light from light,

Convenes unforgivable labors, and

Turn errors symbiotic with their heated persuasions.

The iron press to every winkle,

Awakens the good poison to crooked confidences,

Always pointing to provocative north;

The zenith to the estranged heart.

And where we go, a journey of time.

Every choice deception beautified,

Every lust a discreet infiltrator to a powerful ally,

reversing blame to the snow in my own eye.


4 responses

  1. veritasxlogos

    You have a very speak-able style, I like that. Again, better to read aloud. Alliteration is really present here and adds a structuralism to the “anticipation, the same as before”. Overall, a very cerebral poem. Unlike your previous entry I did not come away with any immediate feelings attached to the poetry. In that way it is an interesting step away from the previous entry in that it exists as a piece to be contemplated rather than felt – at least initially. So you know, the font color and background chosen makes the poem illegible on the website reader. I had to cut and past it into a word document in order to read it.


    November 13, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    • Thank you for your comments, it means a great deal coming from you, in that, it seems I can rely on a frank appraisal. Your candor is most helpful and I truly appreciate it. It was actually in the last exchange we discussed where you had offered the same commentary, that the poem was better to read aloud, that I tried speaking this poem aloud to gain some confidence and courage to press “publish.” Thank you.
      And I will get on the font color, still kind-of feeling my way around the blogging sphere and while I remember accidentally pressing the color I didn’t realize I actually altered the page.


      November 14, 2014 at 9:39 am

      • veritasxlogos

        You are most certainly welcome! Anytime I see someone else in the community who comments on my work I try to make an effort to do the same. It is great to get likes and all, but seriously I’m trying to get better and evolve. I really do like the style of your poems – they have a natural oratory to them. I think the consonants and vowels are well timed to really make the mouth move – it becomes a fun sort of mouth gymnastics. I try to be earnest and helpful with comments if they ever aren’t helpful or feel off just let me know. I covey emotion better in poetry than I do in comment sections, haha.


        November 14, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      • Daughter of Saturn, I have no doubt that it is your honest appraisals has offered me a discipline to evaluate my direction and the hunt for development. I place a lot of stock in the Criteria of Embarrassment as revealing a veritas with which to hone a skill. It is something that false praise obscures and seems dangerous for both parties.

        I am new this community, and I also strive to yield to a blogging etiquette that has become work but not a burden because this community of word lovers is enriching in a way I had no idea existed. And I have enjoyed the emotion I have registered from your poetry as well as in your expressive commentary. Your vantage offers a view that sometimes, being too close to the product, I don’t see but rings true. I mean, there are times I can’t be absolutely sure where my words are coming from, only that when I am silent, still and try not to rush it, that I know a positive seal. It is your candor that has made me consider pulling the reins back on one aspect and freely explore another element that might have more gravity than ‘supposal language.’
        Something of a trap I could easily fall into because I enjoy words so much that sometimes I could select a colorful metaphor, just to be impressive, and actually fall into inertia. However, it is clear to me, in the gravity of your poetry and commentary, that perhaps you can see right through such empty attempts and encourage others to reach for something ineffable, that need not be rushed. These are my impressions of the exchanges we have mustered, and I would not want to force you to agree because I certainly want to leave that door open if you do disagree.

        Thank you for all your time, I truly enjoy the fo-shizzle our exchanges :). And I never expected such a surprising compliment. I am undone; it is moonshine, free of the bubblehead effects that waggers in with the dawn. Thank you.

        I look forward to your next work, WL.


        November 15, 2014 at 1:23 pm

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